Rainbow Memories
Best Friends Cremation
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Some of our Furry Angels......


Beemer Dreher

Jan. 3, 1989 - Mar. 2, 2005

You will always be the "handsomest boy!" You are loved and missed, my Beemie Baby. Buster awaits you at the Rainbow Bridge till we may one day see you both there.....

Mom and Dad

Samson George Rexrode and Barney

"Sammy" (Retriever)

Jul 2, 1995 - Jan 3, 2005

Will be sadly missed by Mommy, Daddy, and Barney

George and Sandy Rexrode



Angus Black

Mar 18, 1993 - Nov 30, 2004

Bill and Cricket Black

Rusty Short

Feb 22, 1993 - Sep 22, 2004

Rusty....our best friend. We miss you very much. Be at peace...now and forever.

John and Chris Short



Yogi Fredella

Oct. 1986 - Nov. 2004

Our cutest little dickens - knowing you made life beautiful. We will always love you. Good night our sweet little prince.

Julie and Nick Fredella

Blueberry Zygmunt

Oct. 19, 1985 - Oct. 24, 2004

For over 19 years, she brought joy into our family. She has gone to the Rainbow Bridge to be with her mother and brother. We miss all of them.

Beverly and Lou Zygmunt



Lucky Jones

Feb. 23, 1993 - Sept. 8, 2004

Like those of your kind who left us recently, there are so many cherished memories to remember you by.

Ed and Sarah Jones, Bo and Wind Song

Nala Gourdeau

Jun 1, 1994 - Aug 24, 2004

Such a little lover!

Miss you lots, Natalia and Bill Gourdeau



Rocky Jones

Feb 23, 1993 - July 14, 2004

Our hearts are breaking, and we are sad, but Rocky is now running with the best of the greyts, free of all pain.

Sarah, Ed, and 3 sad Greyts (Bo, Lucky, and Windsong)

Bogart Lindauer
3/15/1995 - 7/9/2004



Occy Allen

Nov 4, 1993 - May 31, 2004

Our beloved Occy - Buddy's - your big brown eyes, loving and trusting. We will miss and love you forever!

Larry and Audrey

Josephine Belle

Mar 3, 1995 - Apr 15, 2004

She really was the perfect pet, and I've had quite a few. This picture is in a national photo albumn. The service performed for us by "Best Friends" made this loss seem less trouble than we have gone through before. We thank you for all of your help.

Hal and Melody Teller, and Magnolia Belle



Betty Davis
Belle E Button-Jones

Apr 21, 1989 - Jan 30, 2004

Enjoy your new life "Princess". Our love will always be with you. "Unforgettable" is what you were.

Ed and Sarah Jones



Buster T Dreher

Apr 5, 1992 - Jan 22,2004

Devoted and loving, he was my shadow. I know he waits at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sheila Dreher
Grace Bazinet

? - Jan 13, 2004

We loved you so very much. You're always in our hearts.

Donna, Boomer, Bubba, and Paulie



Sandy Rueb

Jul 3, 1987 - Dec 27, 2003

Thanks for being my partner through all the years we shared together.
I miss you.
Camelia May Dobson

1990 - Nov 17, 2003

Cammy was 13 when she left us. she loved sitting in the grass, taking in the outdoor smells and chasing the occasional squirrel or bird. She is greatly missed.

Dave and Debbie Dobson



Zeplin Renninger

Apr 1992 - Sep 5, 2003

To the "King", our best buddy. See you at Rainbow Bridge.

Dennis and Melissa